From the Desk of Jason Hart

The NFC World Has It Wrong… Identity Is the Name of the Game

Near field communication (NFC) technology has the potential to provide an incredible portal for people to use their mobile devices to connect the physical and digital worlds. Yet the current thinking revolves solely around the payment industry and sadly, that thinking is extremely political — vendors, carriers, and merchant networks are all jockeying for the prime position. The big risk here? The consumer is forgotten in the fight. These wars over hardware security elements, UICC space, software security, and the complex partnerships required to provide a viable, secure solution, continue to plague the payment world.


The bigger, better opportunity for NFC is the Internet of Things (IoT). NFC offers a low-cost and secure way to allow sensors and inlayed stickers to be connected to the Internet, even if only for a moment. What is key, here, is implementing a trusted identity within those sensors.


Identiv has positioned itself to lead this emerging market with its framework of trust solutions, the foundation of which is a single universal identity credential that can be used to trust or securely access any resource — even everyday items in the IoT. As the demand for low-cost sensors in the NFC world continues to grow exponentially, the need to manage, secure, and interact with them will only become more challenging. It is absolutely necessary to have a simple, secure, low-cost solution to deploy and manage that identity, while maximizing the value that the IoT can bring to the world.

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